Freebie Friday: Donation Sheet

So we're all done with our taxes... or at least I hope we are. :)

Did you donate any items? I, personally, know several people that donated but couldn't seem to remember what they donated. It was a scramble for them to start listing things that they donated. Don't let that happen to you!

Start off the process in an organized manner. Just print out a copy of this donation sheet and get started. Start listing items that you donated, the value and the quantity. Then, do some quick math to get the total for that line item. When you're done, just add everything up at the end to get your total donation value.

Once you donate those items, don't forget to get a receipt! Then, simply attach the receipt to this donation sheet and file it away for the next tax season.

That's it!

To download your copy, click on the link below:

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Happy Planning!