Hi there!

My name is Vanessa Glass. I've always been a crafter and overall creative person. Ultimately, papercrafting became like a therapy for me. This has definitely extended to my planners.

I've always been obsessed with planners. When I was in middle school, they started giving us school planners and I was always excited to get mine. Color-coding was a major thing for me and you could always find me with a variety of colored pencils, markers and pens.

I was that person that always colored in class! :)

Back then, it wasn't necessarily a creative outlet for me, but it was definitely something that I loved. This extended through high school and even college. My local community college still allows me to get a free planner from them because they always overstock... or maybe students just don't want a planner anymore? Crazy!

Now, I love decorating my planner with washi and stickers. I have specific pens that I use and who knew paperclips were going to be so popular? Everything about the planner community is just phenomenal!!!

I started Interrobang Designs because I needed specific things to keep me organized at work. I could never find anything that really fit my style and personality. After quitting my job, it was even more of a push to do something that I loved and when I opened up shop, I was so thrilled with the response.

Thank you all for supporting my little Etsy shop and I hope that you enjoy my blog! I'll be posting several free downloads for you to enjoy just because I love you all!